Blackwood Valley

Bridgetown in the Blackwood River Valley

Bridgetown main Street



Bridgetown is the only heritage listed town in the South West of Western Australia.

Tranquility, hospitality and breathtaking views make Bridgetown an ideal place to catch your breath and establish a base from which to explore the Blackwood Valleys wealth of attractions.  Just under 3 hours drive from Perth and a little over an hour from Margaret River and the coastal strip, the area is your opportunity to unwind and enjoy the very best of the South West.

Bridgetown itself enjoys a rustic charm with a unique wooded backdrop and an enviable array of eating houses and boutique shops.  Once the apple growing centre of the state, Bridgetown is now famous for its rolling hills, scenic drives, jarrah forests, starry nights and the longest flowing river in the state, the mighty Blackwood.

Bridgetowns steep hills and low valleys contribute to its appeal.  The interaction of the historic buildings with the natural environment is one of its greatest attractions.

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Bridgetown members 2015-16

Ascot Holiday House  9332 1349
Bridgetown Newsagency  9761 1001
Bridgetown Pottery Restaurant  9761 1038
Bridgetown Riverside Chalets  9761 1040
Donnelly Holiday Village  9772 1308
Fat Arts / Christmas @ 139  9761 2313
Flying Duck Café  9761 1715
Freemasons Hotel  9761 4410
Hilltop Hideaway  9335 1735
Larsen's Horse Drawn Wagon Rides
9761 9015
Levanda Grove  9761 1258
Lucieville Farm Chalets  9761 1733
Maranup Ford  9761 1200
Overwater Country Retreat  
Puddletown  9761 1181
Rickaty B & B  9761 4502
Shedley Wines  9761 7512
Sunnyhurst Chalets  9761 1081
Sunnyhurst Estate Winery  9761 4525
The Barking Cow  9761 4619
The Cidery  9761 2204
The Stables IGA  9761 1044
Tweed Cottage  9310 8431
Tweed Valley Lodge Motel  9761 2828


Shire of Bridgetown

1 Steere Street, Bridgetown 6255
Ph:  9761 1555



Bridgetown Gargends-Barrow


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